Video: The Power of Light by Toby King

Video: The Power of Light by Toby King

Everyone needs to watch this video.

My Australian brother from another mother, Toby King, lays out simply and clearly how life is based on sunlight and modern man’s removing the sun from our life is not just removing all of the benefits we receive from sunlight, it is actually the main cause of our modern disease epidemic.

Life is matter animated by light frequencies.    You can choose to believe the myth that sunlight is toxic, but you must know that your biolgical processes will de evolve to match the complexity that incident light sources allow, leading first to carbohydrate addiction, fatigue, chronic stress, anxiety, depression, overweight, heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and/or cancer.

If you find this video interesting, please share the love and pass it along to someone who could benefit.   It is small acts like these that really change lives and the world.







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