The Stranger on a Beach: Every Moment is an Opportunity To Act of Love and Change The World

The Stranger on a Beach: Every Moment is an Opportunity To Act of Love and Change The World

Our current state of body and of mind is our vehicle to appreciate the beauty of Creation as it unfolds, whether you believe in the big bang theory, in a religion, or all of it. I learned this lesson loud and clear during a wellness retreat in Ecuador and on a journey with a shaman, and I personally experienced the power of this belief in the first conversation I had, with a stranger on a beach in Martha’s Vineyard, the day I returned to the United States.

I left Mariscal Sucre International Airport in Quito, the capital city of Ecuador, at 1:20 AM on a Monday bound for JFK airport in New York City after one week in Idaho, a few days in Monterey, California, and three weeks in Ecuador. The morning of that Sunday I had been out late dancing with some local friends I met in a beach town, woke up at 6:30 AM, took a bus to a little town thirty minutes over and then an eight-hour-long bus ride to Quito, nine thousands feet up in the Andes.

My Ecuadorian friends, and some Mexican tequila. I do not advising drinking much, but in strong UV light a little can go a long way in helping your electrons to flow freely. Dancing, especially salsa, is extremely optimal for our dopamine levels. Eye protection from the artificial light is required.

The scenery was unlike anything I’d ever seen in my life. Massive mountains covered in quasi-palm trees and other sub-tropical vegetation, huge canyons and ravines, highways clearly dynamited into the sides of mountains. I arrived in Quito with nearly 10 hours to kill so I made my way to the airport and slept there on my inflatable camping mat for two hours while I waited for the time when I could check in, get my boarding pass, and go through security. The set check-in times prevent excess amounts of people hanging around the gates and security from getting excessively busy at any time.

The flight was very easy; I slept most of it and rose to the flight attendants serving breakfast. I went to the bathroom on the east side so I could get a glimpse of the magnificent rising sun to turn my brain on for the rest of the flight (of course, I don’t advise looking at the sun too long from a plane due to excess cosmic radiation and highly energetic blue frequencies.) As soon as I touched down I was outside sunbathing, laying on a large elevated circular concrete support for a massive metal beam supporting a road above. I love how people seem to not care about me sunbathing in odd places, like outside of airports. I guess they have better things to worry about at JFK, like terrorists.

I went to ask how I could walk to the next terminal over, and the lady at the shop seemed worried and told me in a foreign accent *insert foreign accent of your choice* “ohhh, just take the airtrain. Right across the street. It’s much easier.” At the same time a cool African-American dude working there was talking to her and said to her “naw, it’s totally cool. He’s a walker, I can tell”, while radiating love and coolness. I felt so loved and validated in that moment because this dude radiated such an amazing energy. He said “just head out the door, go that way, and follow the sidewalk. It’ll bring you right there.” As I walked away the lady said something like “it’s so far” and he said “naw it’s cool, I walk there all the time.” It was literally a ten minute walk. And, it was sunny and beautiful outside.

I landed on Martha’s Vineyard and took a bus where I needed to go. While I waited, naturally, I did some shirtless yoga to loosen up after my flight. This is always a great idea. I got off the bus and my first priority was to get into the cool water to re-hydrate my cells after a lot of dehydrating flying.

No matter how much water we drink, we can still become dehydrated because a massive portion of the water that makes up our cells comes from our mitochondria. This is because mitochondria reverse the process of photosynthesis, which combines CO2 and H2O with sunlight energy to make sugar. Mitochondria consume sugar or fats and release CO2, which we breathe out, H2O, which makes up 99% of the number of molecules in our cells, and they also release the energy stored in the electrons in sugars or fats, which we use for energy. If you want to learn more about why jet lag occurs and how you can prevent it, check out Dr. Jack Kruse’s Jet Lag Rx. I’ve flown on 20 flights so far in 2017 and haven’t once had jet lag with this protocol.

Mitochondria reverse the process of photosynthesis


On the beach there was a guy with pale Irish skin and short bright red hair, wearing sunglasses and a hat. I saw him wandering and didn’t think much of it. He walked by my bag and noticed that my bandana had fallen off into the sand so he picked it up and tied it back onto my bag for me. He was admiring my bag and complimented me on it, saying that he is a traveler and needs to get a new bag. He asked where I had been going, so I told him about Ecuador, and then he began to tell me about his life.

Beach on MV

He was born and raised on Martha’s Vineyard, an island 2 miles south of Cape Cod, Massachusetts, which is a booming vacation destination in the summer with a population over 115,000, but desolate and isolated, with less than 15,000 people in the winter. He said he had been traveling across the United States, and was attempting to save up for another trip and to eventually move somewhere else. He was either an electrician, plumber, or construction worker (I don’t remember which), and said that he makes good money, but he spends a bit much on alcohol and just life on the Vineyard, which is very, very expensive. He said he has been sleeping in the forest in a makeshift space with a tarp in order to save money.

I felt inclined to tell him about how inexpensive things are in South America. In Ecuador, I could get a hostel for $8 per night. There are these quasi-restaurants called “comedors” where a family cooks a standard meal with a soup, some meat or fish with rice or corn and maybe a juice or a desert. The meal is the same for everyone, it is delicious, and because they can cook it in bulk, it runs between $2.50 and $3.50. My friend and I each bought around a pound of these cute short banana’s out of the back of a pickup truck filled with produce for around a dollar each. And get this: people we spoke with said that Ecuador was expensive compared to other places in South America, such as Columbia. He was very interested and was clearly considering the possibility. I told him how much further his money, made in the USA at more than $15/hour, could go in South America than on Martha’s Vineyard. If he were to save up for 2-3 months and spend as little as possible, he could probably travel down there for twice as long, or more, depending on how he spent. I pulled up my phone to check out flights and guess how much one-way tickets cost to Bogota, the capital city of Columbia? Around $183 bucks, direct from Boston. Not bad.

10 cents for an orange and 1 buck for a big bunch of bananas

Anyone who says they can’t afford a vacation either isn’t aware of what we can do with the amount of money we make in the US, is unemployed or in debt, or has very, very expensive taste so that what they’re really saying is that they can’t afford the kind of vacation they envision, staying at nice hotels and such. To me though, that isn’t desirable because it is so isolated from the actual culture. I was living on the beach and talking with local kids on the street. And, anyone of any age can do this. The hostels I stayed at had private rooms for $8 per night, unlike some with group bunking areas.

4 bucks for a bowl of shrimp ceviche; at least 15 shrimp in that bowl

I could have just thanked him for complimenting my bag and then not talked with him. But, while in Ecuador I began to learn about how every situation in life is our chance to change the world for the better. Many people talk about a fabled time in the future when the situation will be just right for them to change the world and to have an impact. Or, that we will do it in our careers. But now? Eh. How much of an impact we could possibly have?

Think about any time anyone has ever changed your life. For me, it often happens in the smallest situations where someone expressed love, when they could have easily just projected their many stresses and dissatisfaction into our interaction. I am pretty confident now that this guy will go to South America, something he hadn’t even considered before our interaction. Our conversation literally may have changed his life forever. Who knows what he will experience or realize down there? It is a very magical place. I take no credit for this, either. Love is always here, we just have to let it live through us. There is a great quote that goes something like “There is only love. Everything else is a fear to open to it fully.”

The take home is that changing the world doesn’t necessarily happen when the circumstances become “right”. They will likely never align with what we see as “ideal”. Every single moment in our lives is an opportunity to change the world. No matter how small it may seem, we would all have a greater impact on the world if we used every opportunity to express love than if we just waited for that future opportunity, which may never come. If we love in every moment and interaction, we will probably get closer to our dream opportunities to do great things, anyway.

Living with love has nothing to do with the world “should”. Any time I hear this word bouncing around in my skull now, I attempt to notice it and ask where it is coming from. “Should” is entirely subjective, which means people create its meaning. Either it comes from a construct that we have created for ourselves, or, more likely, it comes from what we think other people want us to do. If you want to live your life to please other people, you will be living by the word “should”. If you are living your own truth, you will simply notice when the word “should” arises and the feelings of stress and pressure that accompany it.

I have found that living with love means putting my mental well-being first. Anytime that I feel uneasy, or feel my old fears of being on the “wrong path” or doing the “wrong things” coming back, I try reminding myself that my life is like the blink of an eye in the eyes of the universe. All thoughts that I have are ephemeral, temporary, fleeting. They are just thoughts, and they often do nothing to contribute to my happiness. When I feel clear, I attempt to feel for what I want to do, not what I feel like I should be doing. I really, really wanted to begin writing and sharing this blog, so I did, and I couldn’t be more glad about it.

I used to really judge people around me, making the likely assumption that they are completely unaware of the health effects of cell phones, for example, making them a part of the “problem” that I perceive. Yet, there was a time when I had no idea about the health effects of cell phones. Anyway, how would they know? The telecom. industry has so much money and has done such an effective job of creating doubt and uncertainty with manufactured scientific research, and no lawyer, scientist, or public figure has been effective in changing the system so that this cannot be done so easily, or in sharing the truth of the non-industry-funded scientific research with the public. So, if I truly want this to change, I will be doing something about it with my life.

Rather than dislike and feel contempt these people, I would much rather feel compassion for their current state and gratitude for my experiences and what they have taught me. I now ask myself “how could I show as much love for this person as possible?” Usually, it means that I would imagine they are a best friend of mine, or a family member whom I care for so deeply. Then, I truly feel compassion for whoever I was inclined to judge, seeing them as a brother or sister rather than some kind of “problem”. I believe that this view on life will yield much greater results for anyone who practices it.

Just this year I began to “put myself out there” and it has done more for me than I ever imagined. A friend and I flew down to Mexico hoping that we might meet Dr. Kruse at an event for members of his website forum for Optimal Health. It turned out that he took us out to dinner, we hung out on the beach for hours, and he helped to sneak us onto the resort many, many times. It was the beginning of a rich friendship that I see going very far in the future, and it only happened because we decided to take a leap. We had no idea whether we would get to meet him and the group, but we did, and we got the coolest experience of our lives.

Just putting myself out there and becoming vulnerable to a stranger on a beach may have changed his life forever.

My intention is that this blog would inspire you to attempt to overcome some of the old mental stories and constructs that are holding you back from allowing yourself to be more vulnerable and loving more openly. If you find it useful, please share with someone else you think could benefit from this information.

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