Optimal Health Coaching (Free Introductory Consult Services)

Optimal Health Coaching (Free Introductory Consult Services)

Consults & Coaching on:

Optimal Human Health

Mitochondrial Medicine

Disease Reversal

Quantum Biology

“Biohacking” Your Environment For Optimal Health

Coaching & Consulting Services Include:

  • Phone or video consulting sessions
  • I will conduct and distill for you in-depth research on specific topics of your choice
  • I will work with you to create a plan to biohack your life, family’s life, home, and work environment
  • I will help you implement the simplest strategies to optimize your mitochondria to optimize you mood, outlook, energy levels, and health

To a living organism, life is really the only thing we have in this universe.  Health is the currency of this life; is the measure of how close or far we are from death.  As we age, we naturally come closer to death, but we can still maintain vibrant health and peace into even our final years if we take the steps to maximize the ability of our cells and mitochondria to capture and utilize energy from the environment (redox potential & quantum yield) to keep us away from equilibrium.  The sciences of quantum biology and mitochondrial medicine are the first to give humans a true understanding of how we can do this, and they are both in their infancy.  Besides Dr. Jack Kruse and a few others, there is currently no one else distilling these sciences and making their practical applications clear and useful for optimizing health.

As my journey with health evolves, I’ve been working to find ways in which I can use all of the time I’ve spent scouring the research, blogs, forums, and my own experiences to make optimal health possible for people who may otherwise never be able to attain it.

I’ve decided to start an educational quantum health/biohacking coaching service, and I’d like to offer this initially for free so I can hone my craft and understand how I can best help people who would otherwise be too busy to apply all this to their lives.

I’d like to offer phone/video calls where we discuss your current health and environment, where you’d like to improve, and what you’d like to know more about.

I will share with you the simplest and most effective ways to mitigate and eliminate things that damage your mitochondria and health, and to fill your life with the things that maximize your mindset, mood, health, and quality of life.

Beyond Quantum Biology alone, I’ve done loads of research into mindfulness, living with intention, and productivity strategies to achieve your true goals.

I will take the time to do in-depth research into a few topics for you, and distill it to create actionable and useful plans for you and your family.

Anyone with kids: if your kids are beyond the age where you can convince them to do these things for their health, but you’re interested in them talking with someone who is young and doing these things despite what most other teenagers are doing, this may be perfect for you.