Message to an Old Friend, Part 2: My Story, Sunlight, Mitochondria, and Modern Disease

Message to an Old Friend, Part 2: My Story, Sunlight, Mitochondria, and Modern Disease

(Continued from Part 1)

{This blog is heavy on science. It is better that you skip something that you don’t understand in order to get the take-homes}

So then, what dictates how mitochondria work? This science has been done by many different researchers over the last 100 years, but has been made coherent by my mentor Dr. Jack Kruse, a neurosurgeon whose protocols I applied and reversed my health issues.

Mitochondria are tiny electromagnetic engines. Their form and function is altered by electromagnetic fields and temperature, not by foods. Foods are simply broken down to electrons and those go into mitochondria.

The main mechanism for repairing mitochondrial DNA, which keeps the electron chain transport flowing as efficiently as possible, is melatonin. Melatonin is a hormone whose release is stimulated by darkness. Now, hundreds of papers have proven clearly that melatonin release is suppressed by blue light frequencies previously found only in the sun, but today MASSIVELY present in every artificial light that people use: phone, tablet, computer screens, CFLs, LEDs, fluorescent bulbs, and the rest. Over time, this suppression of melatonin destroys our mitochondrial function. Remember what we said happens when electron flow in mitochondria is hindered: disease.The science of this one: electrons in mitochondria flow across 5 series of protein complexes, and this is where the sunlight energy stored on them is harvested for our use. Like all things in biology, these proteins must constantly be repaired. Because mitochondria used to be their own organism, they have their own DNA, called mitochondrial DNA. Melatonin repairs this mitochondrial DNA so that these protein complexes (aka “respiratory proteins” or “cytochromes”) can be properly built. Dr. Doug Wallace from CHOP has found that alterations in this process can seriously disrupt mitochondrial function and lead to the diseases of our modern disease epidemic. And what is the number one factor that disrupts melatonin and this entire process in our modern world? Artificial blue light frequencies, and a lack of full-spectrum sunlight to properly power mitochondria. By the way, Dr. Wallace is on the track to win a Nobel prize for his research. Dr. Doug Wallace – Talk from 8th Annual Oliver Smithies Symposium

The other, equally if not more critical aspect of proper mitochondrial function, the energy of which is the most important factor the function of the organism, is full-spectrum sunlight. It is clear to anyone who takes an unbiased look at the scientific literature that sunlight is critical for health and this has been known for thousands of years. But, disconnected humans and misguided science that was conducted indoors under fake light led to a meme that UV from sunlight causes skin cancer. Tell me: have skin cancer rates gone up or down since people began covering from the sun and wearing sunscreen? There is your answer. They have SKYROCKETED, as have all other modern (now proven to be mitochondrial) diseases, including cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, obesity, diabetes, autoimmune disease, chronic pain, anxiety, depression, etc.

My symptoms of daily headaches, gut issues, and depression are early symptoms of an organism declining down this path. For me it certainly would have led to chronic pain, lots of drugs, more pain, and other diseases. Another early indicator of mitochondrial disease is carbohydrate addiction, needing to eat every few hours to have energy, or craving/being unable to resist carbohydrate-rich foods such as soda, ice cream, chips, candy, pretzels, etc.. Almost everyone I know falls in this category, so if this sounds like you it would be wise to learn a bit more about this to prevent the slippery slope of disease that our society is going down. I will post another blog on this topic very soon. For the deep science, check out REALITY #14: WARBURG’S PROOF: THE DATA POINTS TO MITOCHONDRIAL GENOME?

The cause of this is not too much sunlight, but a lack of energy to carry out the proper function of organisms prescribed in our DNA, the #1 causes of which are a lack of solar light and excess artificial light.

The prokaryotic organisms were all originally photosynthetic; they got all of their energy directly from sunlight. This means that all of our most basic physiologic functions were built around full-spectrum solar light. Life found that we could eat smaller organisms and use their energy-expensive proteins to build more complex tissues, and use their carbohydrates or fats for energy and other functions, so food became an additional energy source to allow for more complexity. Sunlight was and is still the primary energy source for us to function. We’ve talked about what happens when we cut it from our lives, and I think it’s something we would all like to avoid.

Life is just matter animated by sunlight attempting to stay as far away from equilibrium (death) for as long as possible. Gilbert Ling, Gerald Pollock, and a number of other researchers have proven that sunlight stored in water is the primary battery for life that provides enough energy for enzymatic flux and all of the 100,000 biochemical reactions that occur in every cell, every second. Gilbert Ling and many others have proven that Peter Mitchell’s theories that ATP provides all of the energy for life to function break the second law of thermodynamics five-fold, meaning that it requires far more energy than the theory provides. Anything that breaks the second law of thermodynamics is physically impossible. For those interested, here is a summary of the science from Dr. Jack Kruse:

Biochemistry uses the coherence energy transfer of water to run the kinetics and flux of all biochemical pathways. ATP is not an energy substrate like Mitchell and all biochemists believe it is. It is used to unfold proteins and expose their -NH and -COO moieties to bind water to it using its amazing hydrogen bonds. This is why a lack of ATP is a common feature in all neurodegenerative diseases. It is why we see the same folding errors in many of those diseases. When the proteins are fully unfolded and hydrated water binds to the moities to make life’s superconductor. When this happens water nanotubes become super conducting proton electrical wires that power all life. Electron micrographs now show modern cell biologists every cell in the human body contains carbon nanotubes that shrink in diameter. It is the small diameter of the tubes where the quantum dance of life happens using Einstein’s math. ATP is not our energy source as we all were taught. The hydrolysis of its high energy phosphate bonds con not sustain the thermodynamic requirements of in vivo flux and kinetics of biochemistry. Moreover, the resting membrane potential so critical in Mitchell’s version of events is unexplained by him. In quantum field theory it comes from potassium binding directly to all proteins. We will get into the details later.”

So, life’s main source of energy was, is, and always will be sunlight stored in liquid crystalline water, and this is what powers all of biochemistry. Imagine that you have a tree in your backyard, and you cover it entirely with a tarp. It will return to equilibrium (die) because it cannot capture and utilize energy to carry out its functions, which keep it away from equilibrium. A human being can survive a long time doing this with the help of modern drugs, but we will get diseases and remain unaware of their causes.

Humans can’t use sunlight energy, can we? Yes we can. As was said, it is critical for us to function properly. Check out the research of Alexander Wunsch, a German photobiologist. When we are exposed to UV (ultraviolet) frequencies from sunlight, we release Nitric Oxide, a chemical that causes our blood vessels to dilate and as much as 50% of our blood to come to the surface of our body. All red blood cells contain hemoglobin, which carries oxygen and also absorbs all frequencies of UV and IR light. These red blood cells ferry oxygen and this stored light energy to mitochondria to have make our physiology function. It has been shown that in the presence of IR (infrared) light, mitochondria stop using electrons from cyrochromes 1&2 on the electron transport chain (where food electrons enter) and make ATP with sunlight ALONE!

Likewise, the eye contains Retinal Pigmentum Epithelial cells which are nearly identical to chloroplasts, but they contain melanin pigments instead of chlorophyll, both of which absorb all frequencies of UV light. When illuminated with light spectrums lacking ultraviolet, their proper function is destroyed. We use the energy from UV to make dopamine, melatonin, and other critical chemicals in our eye. UV signals to turn on genes such as p53, that prevents tumor growth. Alexander Gurtwitsch proved that cells emit small pulses of UV light to stimulate mitosis (cell division). And, that are stressed leak lots of UV light.

The cell is a playhouse for captured photons to animate life. When a human dies, our cells release UV light for 18 hours until we are cold, hard, and at equilibrium with the environment at rigor mortis. Sound familiar? Doesn’t the soul leave the body when we die? Light makes the difference between a living and a dead body, even though all of the chemicals remain the same. These studies have been repeated and can be found in a textbook called Light in Shaping Life: Biophotons in Biology and Medicine. Sunlight even stimulates the release of beta-endorphin, which is stimulated by things like morphine and opium, to create sunlight-seeking behavior. Why might this be?

We may naturally say: “I feel fine, so why would I change anything in my life?If you are happy with your life, keep doing what you’re doing. Just know, though, that if you are not doing something signicantly different from the majority of people in the modernized world, you are statistically probably going to face at least one or more of the aforementioned diseases in your lifetime, and only you can prevent it. If and when it happens, it may be too late to change things. Also, if you’re like most people, and you think that you could be more attractive, or you are often stressed and think that life has to be stressful, then you might be wise to consider learning more about this.

Our body right now is a direct reflection of the electromagnetic environment that has built us, and it is completely subject to change. We might not realize it because we have never significantly changed it, but the way we are now is not how we have to be forever.

So if we want to become the best version of ourself and avoid the fate of disease, what can we do?

Mind our light environment, because it builds and dictates how all of the matter flows in our organism. Live and do your tasks outdoors in the natural spectrum, even when it’s cloudy. Remove all things between your eyes, skin, and the Earth, and the Sun. Start by removing walls, windows, shoes, clothes, and especially glasses, sunglasses, and contact lenses. The reason so many people need these today is because the high-frequency blue light from screens and lights destroys our rods and cones and lack of UV light from the sun prevents them from ever regenerating properly. Many of my mentor’s patients who are adults have drastically reduced or removed their prescriptions. Younger people tend to have a much higher speed and capacity of healing, so imagine what one could do if they really improved their environment. I did, and it’s made my life a sort of dream that I never imagined.

We live in a world where most people are discharged, disconnected, discontent, and sunlight deficient. Even in sunny places like Southern California and Arizona, most people are deficient in Vitamin D3 because there is so much electromagnetic pollution that dehydrates our cells so we cannot properly produce it, in addition to the fact that everyone is covered most of the time, and stays indoors under fake light. If we want optimal health, we would be very wise to move to places with more sunlight and less population density where there is so much light and electromagnetic pollution, or at least to vacation there very regularly, especially in winter.

Getting out and sunbathing regularly is an absolute MUST. If we sunburn, it is because we cannot properly assimilate the light, not because we have pale skin from Europe, for example. I used to burn in minutes and be in pain for days. Now I can stay in sunlight on the Equator for  hours and my burns are minimal, and they heal quickly, because I began to fix my cells by fixing in my environment so that they could assimilate this light.

It has been proven that UV does not increase mortality but actually lowers it. Yes, sunburns hurt, but no, the literature does not support the fact that they cause skin cancer. Many of my friends recite this dogma because they have been fed it since they were babies, but almost none of them even know what pubmed is, so it’s obvious have never actually examined the scientific literature for themselves.

Just the other day, someone tried telling me that the sunburns lead to skin cancer because the cells need to replicate to replace the damaged cells, which he said increases the chance of cancer. So then, why don’t burns or cuts lead to cancer? Our cells die and divide constantly by the millions per day. So, by his theory we should all have cancer very early in life. Why do many people live their whole life without getting cancer? It was obvious that he just came up with this because not even the most conventional medicine websites share this idea.

People also claim that the ozone is going away and therefore we should avoid the sun. This is a great idea if you want to have higher rates of cancer, because the science is very clear that people who avoid the sun develop more cancer and other diseases. More broadly, all of society has been avoiding the sun and bathing in fake light, and cancer rates are skyrocketing. Cancerous cells have been shown to leak massive amounts of ultraviolet light, whereas healthy cells leak far less. Do you still think cancer is a result of too much sunlight? Again, why have cancer rates all skyrocketed since the advent of sunscreen and the shift to a mostly indoor society?

The prevailing theory is that UV light damages DNA, so when cells replicate, this damaged DNA produces cancerous cells. It sounds possible and makes sense if one hasn’t studied photobiology, but something isn’t true just because it sounds possible, or because most dermatologists, doctors, academics, and people believe it.

There was once scientific consensus that the Earth is “flat”, cigarettes were “good for you”, and that certain races of people are inferior, and millions of people believed it. Something isn’t true just because even the majority of academic believe it. My mom’s friend, a neurologist at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia told me “sometimes it can take 30, 50, or 75 years for something to go from being studied to well-known, or longer.” If anyone wants to wait that long to live the best life they can live with health and freedom from disease, go for it. Personally, that’s a bit long for me to wait.

By the definitions of science, if a hypothesis isn’t falsifiable, it isn’t scientific. Scientific theories are meant to be constantly challenged in order to get closer to the truth. When something is accepted as “fact” and people expect that it should not be challenged, it is no longer science, it is religion (a cause, principle, or system of beliefs held to with ardor and faith). If something is truly scientific, people should be emphatic about challenges because it provides the opportunity to reach the truth. There are many big examples of this today in modern “science”.

Fritz-Albert Popp found that cells emit small amounts of light to stimulate critical repair processes, and theorized that cancer is a result of the malfunction of this system.

I have not personally done studies on how sunlight affects DNA to cause cancer. However, the idea that UV light causes cancer simply does not make sense in light of the fact that our cells are literally designed to capture and store UV light, they emit it to stimulate repair processes and cell division, every single red blood cell is packed with proteins that specifically absorb UV light, we even have chemicals that bring most of our blood to the surface to absorb UV light when it is present, we use UV to make Vitamin D, a lack of which is strongly linked to cancer and other diseases, and two of the most critical hormones in our body: melatonin and dopamine. If sun should be avoided at all costs like the American Dermatology Association and American Cancer Association say, then why is our body literally designed to capture UV light and why do we get diseases when we are deficient in it?

During the industrial revolution in England kids began to get rickets while being indoors all day. What was the cure? The UV light that they didn’t have indoors, yet is critical for proper bone development.

People in modernized regions such as Western Europe have significantly higher rates of skin cancer than people in developing regions such as South and Central America, Southeast Asia, and Africa, despite spending far less time in the sun, yet still having the proportionate amount of pigment to protect themselves from sunlight in their region. If the sun were the cause of skin cancer, people in the developing world should have much higher rates.

Do you think skin cancer comes with age, so people in these regions with a lower life expectancy don’t get cancer as much? Then why are so many people in their 20’s and 30’s in the US getting skin cancer today?

Do you think skin cancer rates are increasing because the ozone is depleting? This might make more sense, but then why would the overwhelming majority of evidence today indicate that sunlight decreases overall incidence of cancer and increases health across the board? Feel free to religiously ignore the evidence and hide from the sun, but please don’t push your belief onto others.

Does it make sense that sunlight, which has been known by cultures for thousands of years to be god, a giver of life and health, and a remedy for diseases of all kinds to be the cause of cancer, which has skyrocketed in the last 100 years, coinciding with a shift from most work being outdoors to most indoors under fake light? Remember, light, specifically sunlight, provides the fuel and control for all of the 100,000 biochemical reactions in every cell, every second. What might happen when we change this light?

Might it make more sense that man’s complete and total alteration of our light environment, constantly irradiating ourselves with artificial light and electromagnetic frequencies that our bodies have never before faced and which are proven by new studies every few weeks to cause a whole host of alterations in countless different bodily functions, might be the real cause of this massive epidemic of cancer and other diseases? Again, they were all far less common even just 30 years ago.

The gist of the story is that when I began to apply what I had learned from reviewing the literature on health, disease generation, mitochondria, and modern disease statistics, all of my issues began to go away, and my physicality completely changed beyond my wildest dreams. To make sure that this wasn’t just the result of puberty, I looked very closely at old friends from my school after returning from a 10 month exchange program in Europe. In the entire four years of high school, I couldn’t find a single person whose organism changed as much as mine did in those 10 months of applying these protocols (which I will lay out in later blogs). It makes sense, because not one person had changed their environment nearly as significantly as I had (meaning, they continued to spend 7 hours a day indoors at school, lived in the same place, and did the same things), and our organism is a direct reflection of our environment.

You may be thinking “good for you, but everyone’s different and not everything works for everyone”. I could not agree more. Yet, we are all homo sapiens sapiens which means we share more than 99.9% of our DNA. At the scale of the universe, we are as identical as the ants in an ant colony. We are governed by very similar general principles. Give any human cyanide and see what happens. The mitochondria will stop functioning and they will die. Shine artificial light in someone’s retina after sunset; their melatonin levels will be suppressed and their sleep will be altered, and this will lead to disease over time.

Because all humans make energy with mitochondria, these principles apply to every single human alive. My self-experiments weren’t necessary to validate the science because it’s already done, but they have certainly shown that these can be applied to a human and actually work. And, there are thousands of other people using these principles to reverse severe diseases that western medicine doesn’t have answers for, further demolishing the idea that the causes of cancer, diabetes, obesity, and autoimmune diseases aren’t known, and that there are no cures besides symptom-suppressing drugs. We are absolutely beating beyond death the fact that our modern environment of indoor, sun-deficient living, artificial light, and non-native electromagnetic fields are the causes of these diseases by destroying our mitochondrial function.

Thanks so much for reaching out man. You inspired me to start writing a blog that I’ve been intending to start for over a year.

This is just the beginning.

– Matt


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