Message to An Old Friend, Part 1: My Story, Sunlight, Mitochondria, and Modern Disease

Message to An Old Friend, Part 1: My Story, Sunlight, Mitochondria, and Modern Disease

Yo Matt Maruca. Haven’t seen you since freshman year cross country. Where have the past few years taken you? Your instagram is always awesome
Me: Yo dude! Thanks for reaching out.  You inspired me to write something that describes where I’ve been.  I’ll share it with you sometime today or tomorrow

I’ve been on some journey for a while.

Basically, freshman year I had a lot of health issues- I got headaches, my stomach always hurt, and I was very depressed as a result of this, even if it wasnt noticeable in the short time we knew each other.  I left prep because I didnt know what to do and wanted to go back to my friends at public school.

At the same time I began a journey of trying different prescription drugs, diets and supplements from doctors and also things I read about on the internet that had helped lots of people.  I tried so many different approaches for getting health back, all centered around diet and exercise and supplements or drugs.  The main belief out there today is that diet and exercise are the two most critical factors for health, and that it couldn’t be any other way.  This led me to an obsessive mindset that I could fix my health with these things alone and I ended up with an eating disorder because my body at the time was not physically able to maintain the healthier, more natural things I was trying to eat without having the refined sugars and carbs that I lived on my whole life.  I tried so hard for months and months and ended up with a prettt severe binge eating disorder in conjunction with this obsessive dieting.  I had no idea why I couldn’t wean myself off of these refined sugars.  I was literally physically addicted. No matter how hard or tried or beat myself up, I couldn’t resist them after a week or two of avoiding them.  I became extremely depressed because I thought I didn’t have the self-control to be healthy, and it was all my fault….
Fast forward a bit.
Einstein said that insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.  I needed to challenge my belief that diet and exercise were the most critical factors in health.
I began to learn about mitochondria, the 1-2,000 little engines in every cell that make ATP from the energy of excited electrons in foods.  Of course, the energy to animate matter on Earth to create what we call “life” comes from the sun.  All multicellular life on Earth began when some prokarote engulfed a mitochondria, which gave it the ability to take more energy from the environment to get further from equilibrium, which led to far more complex life, aka eukaryotes: all plants and animals.  The ONLY reason we can exist is from the electric charge flowing on our mitochondria.
If you want to test this, check out how quickly someone dies when they take cyanide.  This stops the flow of electrons on the electron transport chain and we die immediately.  So, can you guess what happens anytime we lower the flow of energy in our 2.0e17 mitochondria? These tissues begin to function abnormally.  We call this disease because for the past thousands of years, we haven’t known the cause.  This piece specifically is the work of Dr. Doug Wallace at the the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.  It is called the mitochondrial bioenergetic etiology of disease.
I began to learn more about mitochondria hoping that I could use this to reverse my health problems.
Take this analogy:
Imagine you have a car with an engine that is broken and cannot use the gas you give it.  You can drive a little bit, but you need to stop every mile and refill the tank a bit.  And regardless, it drives like shit anyway. Would it make more sense to try changing the gas you are using, or to look at the fucking engine?
I learned that our society is looking only at the gas so until we change this, none of them will find the cure their diseases.
(Continued in Part 2)

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