Ra Optics Blue Blockers

Ra Optics Blue Blockers

Ra Optics Custom Blue Blockers

Circadian Protection for the Informed Human

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This is the highest-quality optic lens tint to protect the eye from man-made electromagnetic fields that disrupt the body’s natural processes, accelerating aging and disease generation.


Frames are personal!  Why settle for a “catch-all” frame when you could select any frame of your choice?  Follow the instructions below to purchase a frame of your  choice from glassesusa.com or zennioptical.com, ship it to me for tinting,  and then to ship it directly to you, anywhere in the world.


1. For a new frame:

Here’s what you do:

Step 1) Go onto zennioptical.com.

If you do not have a pescription OR if your prescription only requires 1.5 low-index lenses, you can also order frames from GlassesUSA.com, which has another wide selection.  Here, you MUST select the free “Value” frames,  as they are the only ones that do not have an anti-reflective coating.

If you have a prescription but don’t like any of the frames from Zenni Optical, your other option is to take any frame you find anywhere, and have your local optician replace the lenses with CR 39 lenses with no anti-reflective coating. See below for details.

Step 2) Select any frame of your choice & click “order now”

Step 3) Select your prescription type (or non-prescription)

Step 4) Enter your prescription (or skip if you don’t have one)

Step 5) (if you have a Prescription) Select one of these four lens options ONLY (no others can be tinted): 1.50 Standard Index, 1.57 Mid-Index, 1.61 High-Index, 1.67 High-Index.

Step 6) CRITICALYOU MUST DE-SELECT the suggested “anti-reflective coating” as this will prevent tinting.

Step 7) Now, fill out the order form below and have them shipped to me, addressed YOUR NAME c/o MY NAME at the top, so I know it’s your order.

Step 6) Once they arrive to me, I will tint them, bill you via the information you provide in the form, and ship them along!


For an existing frame:

Step 1) Take it to your local optician and request him to cut a “CR-39 lens with no anti-reflective coatings” for your frame, with your prescription, if you have one.

Step 2) Then, fill out the order form and

Step 3) Once you have obtained your frame with CR-39, ship it to my address in the order form, found below.



If you have a prescription:  Follow the steps above!

For a new frame: with prescription lenses from zennioptical.com, but MAKE SURE you select one of the following lens types only: 1.50 Standard Index, 1.57 Mid-Index, 1.61 High-Index, 1.67 High-Index.

For an existing frame: follow the steps above.



Once I have received and tinted your lenses, I will send you an invoice in Paypal or Venmo, as you selected.  Then I will return your lenses to you, ready for stylish blue-blocking.

Ships Internationally

Buy. Ship. Pay & Receive.



To tint 1 pair of lenses: $60

To tint 2 pairs of lenses: $110

From Luke Storey of lukestorey.com:

“Wearing every night! So dope!!”


“Finally cracked the code on my night driving/nighttime blue/green blocking Rx glasses. Took some old sunglasses (which are all horrible for your eyes) and had my low Rx lenses installed, then sent them to @matty___m (future podcast guest) back east, and he dipped/tinted them with a BPI500 filter, which specifically cuts out the shitty blue and green spectrums of light that destroy your melatonin production at night and thereby disrupt your entire endocrine system and circadian rhythm. Melatonin is not only crucial to achieving deep, restful, restorative REM sleep but it also happens to be the master hormone most responsible for preventing cancer. I believe that in the future we will look back on this time in history and reflect on our constant exposure to the non-native (un-natural) lighting that we’re exposed to all of the time from our computers, phones, indoor LED lights, auto headlights, TV’s, etc and feel so dumb just like when there were advertisements in the 50s claiming that smoking was good for you, and Dr. approved. I’d rather walk around like a nerd than have my sleep, eyes, and brain (DHA) wrecked by toxic lighting. If you want to learn more about the science behind this, listen to my recent podcasts with @drjackkruse and/or @mrevanbrand for more proof. Or just look up at the sun and you’ll notice that the sun is never pure white(blue) like an LED bulb. There is a wide range in the natural spectrum of colors present in native sunlight. Follow nature, not Apple, GE, Samsung, Sony or any other tech/light producing corporation when it comes to your health. Once you’re on board with all of that, hit up @mattscustomblueblockers to get your hands on some less lame looking glasses. #biohacked AF”