Welcome to my website.  My name is Matt Maruca.  I’m a student of this planet who strives to be the best person that I can, for myself and for others.  I have created this site to share what I find to be the truth through my experiences.

As we learn more, our understanding of the truth will constantly shift, so please understand that if my perspective on something shifts, it is because I have gained new knowledge that requires me to update previous beliefs.

By age 13, even though I have gone to the “best” schools and been granted with tremendous financial privilege, I suffered from numerous health problems that made it very difficult to enjoy my life, which you can read about here.  So many “solutions”, both conventional and unconventional, failed to help me, so I began a journey and took my health into my own hands.

For tens of thousands of years, people have spent their lives trying to answer the questions “what is life?” “how does life work?” “what creates health?” and “how can we prevent disease?”.  The discovery of quantum physics in the early 1900’s began to indicate that life uses quantum principles to stay animated far from equilibrium, because equilibrium for us is a corpse in a coffin.  Only in the last 100 years have we had devices sensitive enough to measure these phenomena in cells, to begin to understand what life really is.  The research in this field, known as Quantum Biology, has been done by researchers in disciplines, such as bioelectromagnetism, photobiology, water chemistry, mitochondrial medicine, etc., but they were disparate and many unaware of the implications of their work.

We currently face an epidemic of chronic disease in our society, and most young people have high odds of developing anxiety, depression, heart disease, obesity, autoimmune disease, and/or cancer.  Only recently have some doctors and scientists, begun to synthesize the field of Quantum Biology to create an understanding of health and life that allows anyone to create optimal health and prevent or reverse these chronic diseases completely.  Among these is Dr. Jack Kruse, a neurosurgeon who has put together the pieces of this puzzle on his blog and created protocols that anyone can use to prevent and reverse chronic disease for optimal health.  He is my primary mentor, and much of what I share is some form of his work adapted in a form that I believe will be most useful for anyone reading this.

I am also a world traveler.  I began with a year-long student exchange to Bosnia and Herzegovina in high school.  I travel because I am an explorer at heart.  I yearn to go places and do things that no one has done before.  Travel also allows me to see how people of other cultures live, whether they are happy people, and whether they have more or less disease than people in the Western World.

This website is for people who are dedicated to relentlessly pursuing their own optimal life, and to settling for nothing less than the best they can get.  It is for people who know that many of humans’ largest belief systems in the past were found to be wrong, and who are willing to challenge their own personal belief systems in pursuit of an independent truth.  It is for people who see that every moment of this life is absolutely sacred.  It is for people who know that we can only change ourself, and that rather than attempt to tell people to live the way we think they should, we will find our own truth and live it out completely, open to, and as an example for, anyone who may choose to do the same.  It is for anyone who is willing to attempt to be grateful for the gifts we have to even be able to read and write or breathe and be conscious, and to strive for love of all people as the highest ideal, whether or not we believe what they believe; to see that most people are deeply wounded and their actions, though seemingly of pure malice and evil, are just the manifestation of their wounds and their inability to express them in other forms.

I ask of you only one thing: that if you learn anything of value from my work, you will attempt to find and live your truth, and pass it on to anyone you think may benefit from it.

May your life be filled with love and with light.

If you want to have more love, gratitude, and optimal human health in your life,


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